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About Us

Dressing interiors, creating with passion

Welcome to KAMENA DEKOR, which began its activity in 1989.

KAMENA is creativeness – creativeness that is inside us. We create a team of people, whose experience and passion in the area of interior decorations allow us to cope with every expectation.

DEKOR is newest trends, high quality and design. We are inspired by the world, inspired by interiors, people and their needs. We know how essential it is to look for new directions of development. The company has been acquiring experience in window decoration and interior embellishment for many years. In our offer we have a variety of highest quality decorative fabrics, curtain fabrics, fire retardant fabrics, tablecloth fabrics, stain repellent fabrics, curtains, guipures, voiles, accessories, curtain rods and window blinds. We possess over 10.000 fabric patterns on samplers. Our assortment is incredibly diversified.

Our experienced personnel will provide you with excellent assistance in window arrangement, fabric choice and how to pin up curtains. Through experienced professionals, in our own sewing workshop we realize even the most complex projects. We fulfil our tasks with great accuracy, precision and punctuality.

Our special offer is aimed at project workshops, investors in hotels, restaurants and public utility objects. Long-term connections in trade, experience in projecting and sewing as well as suitable technical equipment allow us to take on the realization of complex decoration of objects. We provide high technical qualities of our fabrics and accurate, quick fulfilment.

Our Qualities

  • the most valued quality of KAMENA DEKOR is the realization of orders through own sewing workshop, own production and project section
  • we guarantee full responsibility for the standard of our services fulfilling projects with installation in client’s location
  • we care for the implementation of innovative technical solutions and often participate in fair events in order to gain important information in the area of sewing window decorations
  • our experience is confirmed by sewing over 100.000 meters of fabrics, creating aesthetic beauty in 50 Horeca objects
  • every project is created with passion thanks to the personnel involved in the process of production
  • we wisely and responsibly advise our clients in the implementation of design solutions, which correspond with features of the object


Advising, designing, sewing, installing

Wide variety of products, from classic and stylish interiors to modern solutions and patterns in line with the newest trends.


Partnership with us is real professionalism, punctuality, reliability and quality of products. In our offer we have fabrics that can be fire retardant, blackout, soundproof, reducing thermal energy and even stain repellent. Our special offer is directed to investors in the sector of Horeca, which are hotels, restaurants and public utility objects.


Individual Clients

We realize projects for individual clients as well as cooperate with project offices and architects. Our clients’ contentment and satisfaction are most important to us.



Contact us if you would like to begin cooperation



  • We recommend Kamena company as reliable, trustworthy and fully prepared to fulfil commissioned tasks. The task we have entrusted them was completed professionally and on time according to schedule.

  • Hilton Hotel in Gdansk has the pleasure to recommend partnership with Kamena – Kamila Magiera. Our cooperation has begun a long time ago. Throughout years Kamena company proved itself to be a reliable and solid partner, who met all our expectations for provided services’ quality. As a Hilton hotel we set very high requirements for our partners and the company has met them showing accuracy, ingeniousness and punctuality. Great flexibility, full availability and professionalism of company’s employees deserve recognition. It is also worth mentioning that perfect communication between our companies raised the sense of security concerning our cooperation. Hoping for further cooperation, with true conviction we recommend the services of Kamena – Kamila Magiera.

  • Hanza Hotel in Gdansk and Palace Hanza in Rulewo give its references to Kamena – Kamila Magiera as a very solid and trustworthy company, which provides services in the area of sewing and installing curtains, draperies, overlays, covers, pillows and curtain rods. Professionalism, experience and full commitment of company’s employees allows us to treat Kamena company as a responsible and reliable partner, whom we can truly and gladly recommend.

  • Hotel Dolina Charlotty Resort & Spa recommends Kamena – Kamila Magiera as reliable, punctual and fully prepared to realize commissioned tasks. The company guarantees high level of services based on acquired experience and passion in the area of fabric decoration. For many years have we been using company’s services in sewing curtains, draperies, overlays, pillows as well as bedclothes, tablecloths and towels. We recognize Kamena – Kamila Magiera as a partner worth recommending, for whom client’s satisfaction is most important.

  • In the name of Hotel Gdansk, with great pleasure we would like to recommend Kamena – Kamila Magiera as professional company, which can flexibly and competently adjust to investor’s requirements. Kamena company has fulfilled all our orders in the area of sewing curtains, draperies, overlays and covers very reliably, with great accuracy and high quality. We hope for further cooperation and recommend the company as a trustworthy partner.

  • We recommend Kamena – Kamila Magiera as a professional partner in the area of complex window decoration. The fulfillment of the commissioned order for sewing curtains, selection and installation of curtain rods was carried out with employees’ commitment, punctuality and with highest standard. We are hoping that our cooperation will still work out nicely and pleasantly maintaining high quality of services. Kamena – Kamila Magiera is worth recommending to other companies.

  • With pleasure we recommend Kamena – Kamila Magiera as a responsible and very reliable company, which fulfills commissioned tasks with great commitment. Kamena – Kamila Magiera has provided us with a set of services in the area of sewing and decoration with fabrics. They possess all the necessary certificates that guarantee high quality of products. Their openness, flexibility and possibility to consult during the realization of the order were very valuable to us. It is with honor that we recommend Kamena company and we hope for further cooperation.


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